May 13, 2012

My Nike Fuel Band Stats: April 2012

For my previous month see March 2012

Here are my Nike Fuel Band stats for April 2012:

Days Used: 30
Fuel Points: 94,124
Steps: 503, 871
Steps per Nike Fuel Point: 5.35
Longest streak reaching my goals: 4 days
Average Fuel Points per day: 3,137 (my goal is 3000 per day for the initial 4 months of use and 4000 after)
I’ve walked 357.25 miles.
Best day: 4,145 Fuel Points
Best week: 22,284 (4/15-4/22).

What about you? What do your sample stats look like? Share them in the comments!



  • Oh, New York Fashion Week. Just last week you made us want to kick off our heels and run home to our beds to sleep for, well, about a year (if we had it our way). Between trekking from shows to presentations to parties, we admit it’s a draining time of year. Don’t get us wrong — we love the clothes, designers, and street-style frenzy, but we think Fashion Month is comparable to a fashion olympics, sans the medals. By now, our readers know how much work it takes to cover NYFW, but just how much ground do we cover in that one-week span? To find out, we enlisted the help of Nike, who equipped our super-fit team of editors (and one photographer!) with FuelBands to clock exactly how many steps they took throughout the week. The FuelBands tracked our steps and awarded us “fuel points,” which is a number that doesn’t take in a person’s physical makeup, as a calorie count would, but, instead, awards participates points purely based on how active they are. So, in order to find out who the winner was (because, let’s be honest, that’s what we all want to know, right?), we tracked our individual steps and our fuel. Click through to see who won! As a group we clocked in over 430,952 steps and gained 144,829 fuel points, which means someone should totally buy us a round of milk shakes.

  • What algorithm is used to calculate fuel points? It would be really good to know, wheterh its just another take on calories, or if it differs somehow.

  • PROS: I just received the today and worked out with it. It was very easy to set up. It fits good on me with included extension, which added mabye 1/2-3/4inche. It wasn’t uncomfortable and very lightweight. Good Motivation with Fuel, really Pushed me to get 3000 fuel points. Iphone App works great.I wear the band upside-down with the silver part facing up because the silver part would scratch my macair when typing. Also I disabled the display for calories and steps, they seem unnecessary and would take me longer to cycle to fuel and time.CONS:As I wear the band upside-down, there is an option to Flip the text, So the display text faces me upright. But Every time I take the band off my hand it flips back to original orientation, and I have to plug-in to correct the problem. I figure this can easily be fixed with a software update. says you can take a shower with the band, but I wouldn’t dare! $150! and there are sections on the band were water can enter. Also the band doesn’t feel very durable, I’m just waiting for it to break. But who knows.I’ll update if there are any issues in the future.

  • There is a little sensor inside that tracks wrist movement. And when that sensor senses movement, it gives you “fuel points”. So the more you move, the more points you earn. Simple!

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