Apr 11, 2012

How Many Calories Do You Burn With The Nike Fuel Band?

Nike Fuel Band Make It Count

Since the release of my Nike Fuel Band Review one of the biggest questions has revolved around how accurate the Nike Fuel Band is in predicting calories.  I received several questions in the comment section about the accuracy of the Nike Fuel Band and wether it can accurately measure calories, steps, and Fuel Points.

As I’ve said all along one of the strengths of the Nike Fuel Band is that it counts all physical activity (wrist activity required).  While I haven’t personally taken the time to test every exercise and activity with the Nike Fuel Band, the fine people over at Gizmodo put the Nike Fuel Band through several tests and came up with the following figures:

*As a reference point, 3000 Fuel Points is considered an active day by Nike and 2000 Fuel Points is considered normal.

  • Brushing Your Teeth:: 17 Calories, 47 Nikefuel
  • Eating Pizza: 8 Calories, 23 Nikefuel
  • Washing Dishes: 30 Calories, 86 Nikefuel
  • Sending a Text: 0 Calories, 1 Nikefuel
  • Shaking My Arm Up and Down for 30 Seconds: 9 calories, 26 Nikefuel
  • Smoking a Cigarette: 8 Calories, 21 Nikefuel*
  • Walking Up 4 Flights of Stairs: 7 calories, 19 Nikefuel
  • Taking a Shower: 60 Calories, 169 Nikefuel
  • Using the Restroom (#1): 2 Calories, 6 Nikefuel
  • Using the Restroom (#2): 10 Calories, 31 Nikefuel
  • Sleeping: 25 Calories, 79 Nikefuel
  • Masturbating: 82 Calories, 231 Nikefuel
  • Having Sex: 179 Calories, 514 Nikefuel
  • A Night Out Drinking: 463 Calories, 1303 Nikefuel
  • A Night Out I Don’t Remember: 1129 Calories, 3320 Nikefuel
  • Being Hungover: 102 Calories, 292 Nikefuel

As noted in the original article, Partying seems to get your more Fuel Points than walking up four flights of stairs.  Who knew?

What about you?  Have you found any odd or quirky counts with the Fuel Band?  What activities seem the get the biggest band for your buck while using the Fuel Band?  Anything disappointing (other than push-ups)?  Leave them in the comments and Ill add them to the list.



  • Do you know if the calories tracked by the Fuel Band are additional to the minimum daily calorie intake?

    • I’m not entirely sure what you mean here. The Fuel Band tracks calories starting at absolute 0 not at 2000 or 3000. Youll see a reading on your Fuel Band start at 0 and move to 134…..576…..1120 etc.

      • He means that the fuel band doesn’t take into account resting time, since the body at rest is always burning calories you would need to factor those in on top. This can be done using your BMI.

  • Why does the Nike Fuel Band display about 100 calories when I do the elliptical for 60 minutes and displays 1100 calories?

  • Walking up four flights of steps is 7 burnt
    calories -brushing your teeth is 37- big difference with out the worst movement-

    Actually running or other activities are underestimated calorie wise depending how much you use your wrist


  • By securely tying my fuelband to my shoe when I ride a stationary bike I get a more accurate fuel points than if I just leave it on my wrist

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