Jan 27, 2012

Nike Fuel Band Review


Nike Fuel Band Review

A few weeks ago Nike launched their brand new fitness product the Nike Fuel Band. Like the FitBit and the Jawbone UP Band the Fuel Band aims to turn your exercise activity into a quantified game. I had the opportunity to try out (and own) an advance copy of the product and here is my review of the Nike Fuel Band.

What is the Nike Fuel Band?

When Nike first debuted the Nike+ running system, it was a cant miss tool for runners to monitor and quantify their workouts. The problem however was that the Nike+ system only worked for running. But what about the rest of your sport and exercise life? Enter the Nike+ Fuel Band.

The Nike+ FuelBand is a rubber bracelet worn during exercise, sports or physical activities to measure “steps, calories, time & Fuel metric (currency measured by oxygen kinetics)”. It’s a better designed, better marketed, and obviously better product than its fellow competitors.


How does the Nike Fuel Band work?

The Nike Fuel Band doesn’t measure miles ran, stairs climbed, or laps swam. What it does is measure the amount of oxygen your body is costuming using “oxygen kinetics”. It then converts that information into a universal currency called NikeFuel. It doesn’t matter what activity you are doing; boxing, running, making dinner, or swaying your baby to sleep, the Nike Fuel Band will measure it all.

What I Liked About The Nike Fuel Band:

The most unique aspect of the Nike Fuel Band is that it appeals to anyone and everyone who participates in any form of physical activity. It doesn’t matter if our are running a marathon, skateboarding, shooting free throws, or making pizza. The Nike Fuel Band can be used for any activity and will measure any firm of physical activity.

I also liked that at any given time you can look down and see exactly what progress you’ve made on your daily fitness goals. That feature alone makes this band worthwhile.

The biggest thing I didn’t like: IT’S NOT WATERPROOF. That means you can’t take it swimming and swimming is arguably the best full body workout. I suppose the USB port and ‘oxygen kinetics’ are to blame for this but what are you going to do. Making it waterproof would have made it an instantly “can’t miss product”.

What I didn’t like about the Nike Fuel Band:

This seems odd but the thing I didn’t like was that it’s a bracelet which must be worn on the wrist. I don’t wear jewelry (a watch on certain occasions) and I found it odd to have something on my wrist. Nike however did do a great job of designing a product that doesn’t look awkward or cumbersome but for me, a prodct like thismwouldmbe best hidden away.

The device isn’t exactly groundbreaking as there are several iterations already on the market and some even have better features. Nike however will make several changes to this product and I’m sure the Fuel Band version 2 or more will be better. I wouldn’t hold off of purchasing quite yet as you never know when a better version will come out.

It was cool to constant see your status as you worked towards our goal but I would be just as happy looking at my phone as my wrist or even better, getting a text or message when certain fitness goals were met.


Buy the Nike Fuel Band on Amazon.com

Key Aspects of the Nike Fuel Band:

Small, lightweight, and fashionable. The 20 dot LED display is also very cool and makes you feel like a spaceman when worn :)

- 3 axis accelerometer to track movement
- 4 day battery
- Weighs 1 oz
- Water Proof
- iOS and website support
- Built in USB
- Syncs over Bluetooth
- Connects to Facebook, FourSquare, and Path

Cost of the Nike Fuel Band?

On par with its competitors ( FitBit and JawBone ). It clocks in around $150 and will be available almost everywhere when it comes out in February

How The Nike Fuel Band compares to the Jawbone UP

I used the JawBone UP when preparing for my first marathon last year. It’s a great product, very valuable and even has a few features the Nike Fuel Band does not. For example, the UP tracks your sleep patterns and can even track your eating habits. However, even after a very limited trial period, here is why I prefer the Fuel Band to the UP:

Unlike the UP you don’t have to tell it when you are doing activities. There is no exercise, still, or sleeping mode. The Fuel Band automatically recognizes when you are engaged or not engaged in activity and measures you output accordingly. Also, with the Fuel Band, all of your relevant information is displayed right in the band instead of on a separate app like the UP (note: the Fuel Band also has an app which will be out soon).

The JawBone might have more features but the Fuel Band is a better product. Often, less is more and in this case, the Nike Fuel Band wins out.

Final Review of the Nike Fuel Band:

For me, it’s awesome. I’ve always wanted a quantifiable way to view my exercise stats. This has helped kick start my 2012 goal of getting in better shape. Just having a constant reminder of where you are in your daily fitness goals is what makes the Nike Fuel Band paramount to any other product. it’s a personal trainer/motivator on your wrist.

That does it for my review of the Nike Fuel Band. If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns I will gladly answer them in the comments.


UPDATE: The Nike Fuel Band is sold out nation wide but a few are popping up on Amazon.com – Nike Fuel Band on Amazon.com



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  • Great review of the nike fuel band. Do you know when it hit stores or if it’s available for Pre order anywhere?


    • Comes out February 22nd. You can pre order it on Nike’s website

  • looks pretty cool. You mentioned that you cant swim with it, but can you shower with it? whats the limit to its waterproof-ness?

    thanks connor!

    • I usually take mine off before I shower. Havent tested it out around water yet. too scared.

  • Are you saying it does not measure speed/distance?
    That does not sound like the kind of thing a runner is looking for?
    What am I missing here???

    • That is correct. It does not measure speed or distance. The Nike+ running system is better for that. The fuel band quantifies your total physical output for ALL activities.  No distinction is made between running, weight lifting, or chopping onions. 

    • The new app that comes with it tells you the distance ran ( it configures it accordingly to your height and assumed stride length). Hopes this helped.

  • I am interested in buying this product. Do you think the price of the product is worth it? Also, do you think the Fuel Band coupled with the Running System will be best for someone trying to loose weight?

    • If you are interested in fitness and personal care, then yes its worth it. 

      Nike+ Running is designed only for runners and measure only running related activities. As mentioned in my article, the FuelBand measures all activity. 

      For someone trying to lose weight, I recommend the Fuel Band over Nike+ system. Keep in mind, you need to do more than just wear the fuel band. Proper diet and a
      Propriety exercise is the most important. 

      I can recommend this book:  The 4 Hour Body  - as it helped me out quite a but on my path to a healthier lifestyle. 

      Good luck!

  • i do alot of weights and prob spend 2 hours a day in the gym doing weights and explosive movements. will this give me an accurate reading of calories burned through work out ? because although gettin massive sweat on and feeling exhausted my work out dony invole me moving around alot etc…. would be nice to have something that shows me exactly wat calories ive burnt throughout the whole day from minute i wake up to just before i go to bed ,

    • Yes, it measures calories burned. It also measures steps taken and fuel points. Simple press the button and you can cycle between the time, calories, steps, and Nike Fuel Points.

  • Hi Connor, thanks for the review. I’m wondering, do you know how well it distinguishes vs intense/non intense activities that feature similar wrist movement? They say it measures oxygen intake, is it taking a pulse? My worry is that certain activities (lifting, cycling, etc) won’t be recorded at the same level as running or soccer. Thoughts?

    • From what I’ve gathered, Nike mapped hundreds of exercises and movements to the Fuel Band. Basically, they individually recorded all the movements someone does while playing an activity even those similar like ping pong, squash, racquetball, and tennis. With that information embedded into the fuel band, it should be able to tell the difference in activities weather it’s upper body, lower body, full body, or no body (changing channels).

      I’ve definitely noticed a difference between walking, jogging, running. It’s supposed to measure everything you do even something like skateboarding which has almost zero upper body exertion so I imagine it would be able to record cycling and weightlifting as well.

      Hope that makes sense.

  • I have congestive heart failure. Just plain walking will perhaps extend my life.
    So I would like a device that monitors all my activities so I can determine my relative amount of activity each day and hopefully increase it each week. I get my excercise doing ordinary tasks as well as walking on a treadmill. This devices seems to provide
    a relative measure of all of walking my dogs, walking around a mall, walking up and down the 13 steps in my home just to do the wash or play my piano. It seems to do it for all my activities.

    I am senior and have been active all of my life though not a runner. I have been playing with gadgets and smart phones since the first IPhone was introduced.

    I think I want a fuel band but not at the $149 dollar price point. But is it ever so tempting and it is cool. Can you imagine what kind of comments I might get?I

    • Hey Richard,

      This is exactly what the fuel band was designed for. The device will in fact monitor all of your activities and determine a relative amount if activity. With the fuel band you can easily compare your daily outputs and see how they stack up against each other and how they compare over time.

      If you’re interested in it, I recommend it. You seem like you could definitely benefit from the fuel band.

  • You said that the fuel band had a 4 day battery so do you just plug it in like you would your iPhone and what day does the fuel band come out
    It looks like a really cool wristband tux

    • Kyle,

      You charge it via the built in USB port. Super easy.

      I believe it comes out this week. I’ll put out a message / link when I see that it’s out.

  • do you have to sync up with a smart phone to use it?

    • No, you do not need a smartphone to use it. Nike has developed a smart phone app however which shoukd launch shortly. I demoed it and it’s great. Definitely a nice tie in to the fuelband.

  • Nike+ Fuelband just came out today and I got mine at 11 am. Ive been using it all day and I love it, but either mine has really “washed-out” LED’s or they do some heavy photoshopping in the advertising. Did you notice that your LED’s were not crisp like in the photo in your article? Maybe I need to exchange it!

    • Awesome! Glad you like it. Give it a few full charge cycles and see if the led’s get better. Mine are bright (not as bright as the photo) and still look good.

  • Connor- Great job on this post and with your replies. A few questions for you.

    1) Is the band itself a hard plastic, soft plastic or somewhere in between? It’s tough to determine just seeing pictures.

    2) Are the sizing pieces silver or black? Does the band come with one already on it and one that can be swapped with it…or none already on it and two you can use to make it either a little or a lot bigger?

    - The reason I ask this question is b/c I downloaded the size guide and fell right between the M and L and am struggling to decide which one to order.

    3) Have you compared the calorie tracking with any of the other products or have you looked at the burned calorie outputs vs. what a certain exercise at a certain speed is supposed to provide? In other words…do you think the numbers are accurate?

    Looking forward to your responses.

    • Adam,

      1. The fuel band is not a hard plastic. It’s made up if the following materials: TPE 43%, Polypropelene 34%, Magnesium 14%, Stainless Steel 9%

      2. Sizing links are black. Each FuelBand comes with 2 additional links for optimal sizing. 8mm and 16mm

      3. The caloric numbers are about as accurate as another product I’ve seen. Can’t say that it’s any worse. Better than treadmils and stationary bikes.

      Hope that helps.

  • Thanks for the first thorough review I’ve read from an actual user. My question is about the LEDs: do both the colour status lights and the white lights stay on indefinitely or do they go to sleep? If you use it in the time mode will it always display like a watch or do you have to press the button? Also, you mention it connects with Foursquare, how does that work?

    • They go to sleep when not used and come back on when you press’s the home button.

      I have not attached mine to 4square butnI imagine it will show your followers (twitter too) your current fitness goal or how far you’ve progressed on the daily go. I heard talk that there was gong to be “badge earning” functionality as well. I’ll see if I can get mine hooked up to 4square and report back.

      Btw: cool portfolio!

  • Connor,

    I do A LOT of mountain biking and have always guestimated at calories burned.

    Have you tried this out biking yet? Even on a stationary?


    • As of now, it does not work with cycling but according to the @nikefuel twitter account they are currently working on a biking update. The problem with cycling is that there is very little movement in your arms and it’s tough for the accelerometer to accurately predict calories/fuel/etc…

      • Regarding bike riding with the Nike Fuelband, if the product is supposed to measure “oxygen kinetics”,then why would the band not appropriately measure the exertion someone may have while bike riding?

        • I dont know. Oddly enough it works with skateboarding but not bike riding. Nike obviously has something to fix here and as I’ve mentioned before the Fuel Band 2 update will address the bike problem.

  • You say it’s NOT waterproof in your article, but then you say it IS waterproof in the specs. ???
    Also, do you need to plug the band into the cable and then the USB port or can you just plug it into the USB port bypassing the cable?

    • Hey Walter. Thanks for catching that. It’s actually water resistant which means you can shower with it, but not swim with it.

      You connect the Nike Fuel Band to your computer either directly via the built in USB or with the provided cable and stand.

  • Thanks for the review! (And for what it’s worth, it’s a 3 “axis,” not “access,” accelerometer.)

  • Connor,

    Thanks for the great information! Could you go into some detail on the setup process? What kind of questions does the setup process ask? Do you have to download a program, or is it done on the web?


    • Jr,

      The Nike fuel band set up and install us pretty straight forward but it has a few steps.

      I first had to downloads Nike+ and install it on my computer. After that I plugged in my fuelband through USB And answered a few questions: height, weight, what wrist I plan to wear it on, & daily fitness goal. You are also given the option of joining the Nike+ Fitness Community. I think that was about it.

      The Nike Fuel Band set up on your iPhone is really easy. Just turn on your Bluetooth, press the fuelband home button, and then select the Nike Fuel band from your iPhones bluetooth list. Takes about 5 seconds to do from start to finish.

      You’ll also have to download the official Nike Fuel Band app frm the app store. If you don’t have an iPhone that’s ok because all of your fuel band information is stored on a private stand alone site as well. Everyone wins!

      Finally, there are customization options as well. You can setup your fuel band to alert you when you’ve met your daily fitness goal, remove certain measurement variables, and a few more.

      It’s all really easy to do. I’d say from start to finish it took me under 20 minutes.

  • Awesome review and thanks for sharing all this info. You mentioned about the and can send data to a Nike community website, do you know if that has a cost for membership or joining etc?

    Thanks in advance

    • I have yet to sign up but I believe it’s free to join.

  • Do You think that oxygen kinects is a trustable way To convert calories?

    • Andre,

      Tough to answer. I’ve never been a calorie counter. I think what’s often misunderstood about the Fuel Band is its unit of measurement the “fuel”. The Fuel Band will count and show you our total calories burned. It will also show you your fuel points which is a combination of time, calories, oxygen, effort, etc…

      I have no idea about the oxygen kinetics. My guess is that a company like Nike is not going t put out a product that isn’t honest and groundbreaking. If they claim that oxygen kinetics are a real thing, it’s hard to argue because well, they are Nike. I think only until the Fuel Band is used by more and more people will we see just how accurate it’s measurement systems are.

      Hope that helps.

  • Connor,
    Great review. I just got my fuelband yesterday. The great thing about it is that it makes you want to do more. For example I didn’t get to go to the gym today because a meeting ran late. I was short of my daily fuel goal and so when I got home I went for a jog whereas I normally would have sat on my butt.

    Do you sync it at night just before going to bed so it captures as much data on the day as possible? Also, I know that battery should last 4 days but how often do you charge it? I don’t want to have it die mid-day but also don’t want to have to plug it in every night. No “off” switch as far as I can tell to preserve battery at night.

    • Awesome! Great to hear that you are taking full advantage of the Fuel Band. Your desire to meet your goal is exactly what makes the Fuel Band superior to all of the other fitness bands. I cringe every time I look down and see red or yellow dots on my wrist. If they arent green, im not happy!

      I try and plug mine in every other day. Sometimes I go 3 or 4 days between charges and it still works. I dont usually wear a watch so every night before I go to bed I take off my Fuel Band instead and charge it right on my night stand.

      Good luck with your goals. Keep it up!

  • Hi is there any way to find out how far you have run or your pace such as connecting a Nike+ sensor?

    • not sure about that. Im out of the country at the moment and dont have my nike+ running shoes with me. My guess is that there would be cross talk among the two devices but I could be wrong. nike.com should have more info on this.

      sorry I couldn’t be more help on this topic. ill look into it when I get back from vacation.

    • not yet. it is a planned addition in a later version.

  • Hi connor,
    thanks for the review.I guess u must have used it for a lot of different activities by now, i just wanted to know whether its accurate in calculating the calories burnt?

    • Yes and No. Its great for activities where your wrist is actively involed (running, tennis, basketball, etc..) but not so good obviously when your wrist is stationary (cycling, pushups, pullups, etc…). If you are doing a lot of activity where your wrist is engaged, then yes, its accurate. If your fitness routine involves sedentary exercises I would guess to say that the Fuel Band under calculates your total calories burned.

  • Oxygen Kinetics what? I have a fuel band too – and all it is is an accelerometer. Just like the original pedometer in the nike+. What does this mean? Easy – you can do 100 push ups and it will track ZERO fuel points and calories. Walk to the water cooler afterwards and it will track 10 fuel points. So, you will get little to no fuel point or calorie reading from biking, pull ups, jumping rope…anything that does not involve an arm swing. In that way the band is really sub par and the make it count a huge over promise.

    I have heard that at some point it will link up with a heart rate monitor (via blue tooth) as well as Nike +. It will then give you an accurate reading on calories and “fuel” burned and miles logged.

  • Also – it is NOT water proof. It is water resistant. Yes to shower, no to swimming. You will void the warranty if you go swimming with it.

  • I am wondering how accurate the calorie counter is. I work in retail so I am not very active. I am usually standing at a cash register or on the phone ordering merchandise. I read that someone with a similar job recorded 800 calories during 4 hour shift of checking people out at the cash register. This does not sound right. I also participate in Zumba and other dance aerobic classes. How accurate are the calories burning while dancing?

    I am looking into this device to be used as a pure calorie counter. I have seen mixed reviews of people saying that it is not accurate and others are saying it is great. I am getting confused but it looks as if you have had first hand experience with the device.

    Also, if you don’t mind me asking how much was the total price of the product including shipping from Nike.

    • Interesting observations, Jaime. I think they’d be consistent with the idea that the Fuel Band measures wrist motion preferentially. After all, there’s a reason why so many checkers get repetitive use/ carpal tunnel syndrome.

      Wouldn’t it be interesting to study Nike points in people with different occupations, even having them wear a band on each wrist and looking at the effects of handedness?

  • When will it be available in India?? Are they planning on releasing it in India? Also can it be used as a watch as well? And will it sync with my iPod touch?

    • Hi Kevin,

      I’m not sure when Nike plans to release the Fuel Band in India or any country outside of the US for that matter. If you are able to receive international shipping, you can buy it from Amazon.com. Here’s a link to buy it: Nike Fuel Band on Amazon It’s more expensive than the retail version but as of now it looks to be your only option until Nike formally releases the Fuel Band in your country.

      Will it synch with your Touch? Yes, the Nike Fuel Band syncs with iPod touches, iPhones, and iPads. It will sync with any device running iOS.

      Does the Nike Fuel Band tell time? Yes, the Nike Fuel Band can be used as a watch to display the time.

      I’ll look into the planned international release for you but my guess is Nike waits sometime before releasing it abroad.

  • Hi, does the band have a watch feature? I like the concept but was also looking for practicality…thanks!

    • Yes, the Nike Fuel Band can be used as a watch.

  • when is it gonna available in canada

    • When is the Fuel Band going to be available in Canada? I’m not sure. I’ll refer you to my Previous response below about it’s potential release in India.

  • how can i know which size should buy ?
    thank you

  • hi Connor,

    I was thinking of wearing my Nike heart rate monitor at work (waitressing at a very busy fast paced resaurant/bar) along with the fuel band to see the difference in calories burned. Do you think that the two devises could ‘mess’ with each other and not work properly? I’m trying to understand how calories calculated on the band work… I guess if it measures oxygen then in response to some previous comments, it should be able to calculate accurate exertion during push ups and other non-wrist moving exercises, right? I’ve worn my Nike HRM for 8 hrs at work and it said I had burned 2000 calories.. I have no idea if this is correct or not but i was at 60% most of the time. I was hoping this new band might be more accurate, calories based on height/weight/gender are more useful to me than green lights. however i start using it tomorrow so hopefully i will be hooked. any answers for me? also, if i want to loose weight as a female at 5ft9 and 27 yrs, should i bump up my goal from 3000? Nike.com doesn’t give a very detailed description when setting up points goals for the first time, just 2000, 3000, 5000. grrr….

    Thanks, Fara~*

    • Hi Fara,

      I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to wear your Heart Monitor and your Nike Fuel Band. Both are independent devices and should not hinder the functionality of the other. How accurate is your Nike Heart Rate Monitor in counting calories? Have you compared some of the actions on this list with your heart rate monitor? I’d be curious to see how they compare.

      My guess is since the Fuel Band is a newer product its probably more advanced than your Nike Heart Rate Monitor. Do a test and see what you find!

      In terms of goal setting start with 3000 and see how you feel. Are you exhausted at the end of the day? Are you doing any exercise outside of work? Do you feel tired or are you still full of energy? Try two weeks at 3000, see how you feel and than adjust accordingly. If you find yourself at 4000 and dead tired maybe move down or if you are still feeling good, try 5000. This might require you to do some exercise away from you job.

      Looking forward to hearing about your test/progress.

  • Great review! I was looking into getting one, but I was wondering if it worked with iPods. I currently don’t have an iPhone.

    And is the other sport band, the Nike+ Sportband, a better choice if I don’t have the right Apple product to use the Fuelband correctly?

    • Zane,

      The Nike Fuel Band works with any iOS compatible device running iOS version 4.2 or higher. This means that the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, and iPad are all compatible with the Nike Fuel Band App.

      If you don’t have one if those apps don’t worry. There is a software program that you can download on your computer that will track all fuel band stats just like the iOS app.

      Stick with the Fuel Band. I think you’ll like it functionality better than some of the other Nike+ products.

  • I am only showing 23 calories burned during sleep. This can’t be correct. How should I use this info to figure out what my fuel should be? I am a little confused. I am not happy with the lack of info on how to use this wrist band to achieve goals. The whole “fule ting seems alusive. I think there needs to be a methodical way to figure out calories burned and fuel number.ie,if I want to lose a pound a week, how many calories do I burn to achieve this per day? Should include sleep calories etc. If I consume 1300 calories a day how many over all should I burn to lose the pound per week and how can I figure it out if it doesn’t calculate sleep calories correctly???? I am currently using the LiveStrong calorie and activity tracker, nike+ for running a nike+fuel. Would be nice to have it all in one.

    • Jen,

      The Fuel Point total for sleeping tends to be in the range of 20-40. If you are a sound sleeper you should expect to be on the lower end of that spectrum. No movement = no Fuel Points. Compare your 23 points to a night of relative restless sleep where you thrash around and see if there is a difference.

      I agree with you. It would be great to see the LiveStrong tracker, Nike+ Running, and Fuel Band rolled into one product. I think as Nike continues to develop the Nike+ product line you’ll see a greater integration of all products. The Nike+ will be the primary platform much like iOS is with Apple and the various bands/pads will be the devices like iPods and iPads. You’ll get a better understanding of your TOTAL daily output with the Fuel Band and I recommend using it for such.

      In terms of stats/calories/weight loss: Have you downloaded the software for the Fuel Band? Using the free desktop/smartphone software is the best way to see your current stats and goals. If you havent used it, I recommend it.

  • Will this work for bike riding too? I’m wanting something that will
    Measure not only distance but calories as well.. Is the Nike fuel band right for me?

    • Hi Shayan,

      The Nike Fuel Band will not measure distance while used on a bike. If you are looking to keep track of your bike related stats I recommend getting a wireless bike computer like this one: http://amzn.to/LQ3JsV – That unit will display time, distance, speed, and more.

      I know for a fact that Nike is working on a bicycle related product that will work in conjunction with the Fuel Band but as of now its still being developed.

      I still recommend the Fuel Band however. If you are an active person it makes sense but if your only exercise comes from biking, than its probably not the best product.

  • I really don’t know how to ask this question without it sounding really weird, but let me give it a try.

    I currently track all of the calories I burn and consume on http://www.myfitnesspal.com I have the Nike+GPS watch for my running and i’ve just bought the fuel band for my other activities, zumba, dragon boating. The calories it shows I have burned can I add to my fitness pal or will i be in some way double dipping from the normal calories we burn. Does that make sense?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      You’d be double dipping. I say use the Fuel Band 24/7 and let that count as your primary band. The Nike+GPS is great if you ONLY want to track the calories burned through running.

      Example: Fuel Band Burned: 3000
      Running Burned: 1000
      Total calories burned is still 3000 but 1000 of those is from running.

      The only way to insure you dont double dip is to remove the Fuel Band when you run and then put it back on when you do other activities. If you do that, you can add them together for your total daily burn.

      Hope that helps!

  • Does it work on treadmills ?

    • Yep! The Nike Fuel Band will work on a treadmill

  • Does it connect with the I phone 3 gs? Cos mine can’t even see on the Bluetooth research. Thank you in advance

    • Yes! It connects with all apple devices with bluetooth.

  • when are they releasing it in india ?

    • It should be out in India by now. If not, you can buy it here: Nike Fuel Band

  • Hi Connor: Do you know if the numbers on the fuel band reset each day? I can’t seem to find anything regarding this on the website? or do you have to make goal before it resets to 0? to start a new day?

    Thanks… Manny

    • Auto-resets everyday!

  • I’m coming into this conversation pretty late, but as an engineer, the Nike Fuel Band looks like a complete gimmick and cannot possibly accurately measure exercise effort. From what I’m reading about it, its only sensors are three accelerometers. What does this have to do with “oxygen kinetics”?? Basically, it only measures arm motions, not metabolic process. As a previous commenter wrote, you could do 50 pushups and get no credits (your wrist barely moves), but you could sit on a carnival ride (huge accelerations) and get a huge credit. Accelerations simply don’t tell the full story – the device doesn’t know what activity you’re engaged in, so how could it interpret your wrist motions and derive the energy you expended (for example, compare shaking your wrist for 10 minutes vs. moving your wrist while running for 10 minutes – the device can’t tell the difference)?

    This is nothing more than hype, reeling people in with fancy phrases like “oxygen kinetics” and beautiful design aesthetics, taking advantage of the general public’s lack of science common sense. We all want to believe this is possible, and there is definitely a future in biometrics for exercise tracking, but this device cannot achieve it.

    • Paul . . . I replied more completely to your email below. You’re the engineer … am I right in thinking that an accelerometer measures change in position with time … something like the second derivative of position? If so, they’ve got to have a way to add up those changes over 24 hours.

      Have you tried attaching a FB to your shoelaces to see if you get more fuel points jogging that way? How well does arm motion correlate with O2 consumption between different runners (whose arm swing must differ depending on their running technique)? Are there meaningful differences between different whole-body activities (e.g. running and swimming), and would the Fuel Band “know” the difference. What would happen if one ran with a limp or swam freestyle in molasses? The mind boggles!

      I’d really like to see a peer-reviewed paper from Nike developers in a credible journal with their results. We accept too many claims without supporting data. The real purveyors of unsubstantiated nonsense aren’t at Nike; they’re in Congress and on certain news channels!! But that’s another rant.

  • Hi. Great review. I bought mine today and I too am a little puzzled about having my cycling tracked and recorded as I cycle bot to and from work. has there been an update fix yet on this?

    • great question. im not sure about this one. Have you checked with the FAQ on the Fuel Band website?

  • I agree w/ Paul who posted on January 1. Accelerometers measure motion, not oxygen consumption; “oxygen kinetics” is not a helpful term. What I gather Nike has done is to calibrate motion (change in position) with oxygen consumption in test subjects and use this information to generate “fuel”, a unit that expresses cumulative motion. I have a hunch that there are big differences in the fuel generated by similar activities that require different amounts of arm/wrist motion. So . . . how about someone out there doing an experiment, e.g. compare 30′ on an elliptical with arm those pumping arm bars v. an elliptical with stationary handholds? Or even comparing a dominant-handed activity w/ the Fuel Band worn on the right v. the left wrist. ;-) I don’t agree with Paul that the FB is worthless . . . It is what it is, and I’ll bet it can measure pretty accurately ones cumulative movement, on a scale of couch potato to Lance Armstrong, with or without EPO.

  • Hi,
    I bought my fuel band about a week ago. I’m having trouble understanding the sync part of it. Am I suppose to sync it with my iphone app at night? Does that reset the band to zero and you start over the next day?

  • Hey Genea, it automatically resets to zero at midnight whether you sync it or not. I’m on android so don’t have the app but sync it on my computer sometimes every night or sometimes I don’t sync till a few days later.

  • I have had my FB for about two and a half months. “It is what it is”!!!! It is not perfect, but when I looked down and I am not at goal or it is very low on fuel, I get my ass up and moving (Sometimes)!!!!!!! Skiing will blow the fuel out. Snow blowing with the vibration will give you a weeks worth of fuel in one hour. I have used it swimming at least four times, so far so good.

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